• 5 Fully-equipped R&D laboratories for all kinds of synthesis from a few grams to several kilos.
  • 1 Kilo-lab equipped with 6 glass-lined reactors from 6 to 30 l, 2 stainless-steel reactors from 25 to 45 l.
  • Quality Control laboratory : Spectrophotometer (UV/FTIR), Chromatography (GC/GPC/HPLC), Potentiometer, DSC, Colorimeter, HPLC/Mass Spectra, GS/MS

Pharmasynthese R&D center is located in Lisses (30km from Paris)

Our R&D center is specialized in:

  1. New molecule synthesis
  2. Process development
  3. Process industrialization and scaling -up
  4. Process optimization and troubleshooting
  5. Contract manufacturing at Lab and Kiloscale (up to 10 kg)

Our team comprises of 5 chemists and 4 analysts: PhD and Engineers